Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Events in Kirkby

Hye Pn. Marjan!!

This time i'm gonna post something about the event that take place in Kirkby International College. The event i'm gonna post is :

This is a really interesting events because majority of KIC students is not chinese so it is interesting to see how we make it happen with so few chinese student to guide us.
There are many exciting activities that we do over the 1 week period including inter-class   competition. Some of the competitions was quiz, orange eating, and many more but the biggest competition was class decorating competition.

My classmates.
My Tablemates.

My Awesome class A4 Shelley.

Decorating the class was really fun, we decorate the class together after class and the results was satisfying. In the end our class won the overall competition! 

Although it was a tiring week, but it was worth-it. Our class won but most importantly we 

That is all for this post and here's some more picture for the event.

A4 Big Tankers.

The girls and me...muahaha

Class-rep and his future self.

Father and daughter.

Drama Queen.

Old timers meal time.
That's pretty much it. Thanks for reading.


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